Magnolia Cafe South named most iconic diner in Texas

Austin is a growing city and has changed throughout the years. But one thing that hasn't changed much is Magnolia Cafe. It's kept its comfort style since 1979.

If you're craving breakfast for dinner or dinner for breakfast, Magnolia is the place to go. The iconic 'Sorry We're Open' sign in South Austin has caught the eyes of many people passing by South Congress.

"Sorry we're open is a nod to our 24-hour cafe we're not 24 hours at this time, but it is our ultimate goal to return to our former selves," said Amanda Clark, general manager at Magnolia Cafe.

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Magnolia Cafe South was named the most iconic diner in the state, according to Reader's Digest.

"It's an honor to get this kind of recognition because it really says a lot about the hard work of our staff and management here," said Clark.


Magnolia Cafe has been a staple in the Austin community. It's a place many people love to make memories.

"We have very long-time customers who have first dates here, people who met their spouses here, we've met someone who has a granddaughter named Magnolia because her parents met here at Magnolia, so there's a lot of history," said Clark.

If you have a big appetite, the portions are Texas size!

"You can get pancakes at 9 o’clock at night you can get a past at 8 o’clock in the morning if you want," said Clark.