Make 'broom' for the wizardly sport Quidditch

Quidditch, the wizardly sport played on broomsticks is being taken over by muggles.

The game has made its way out of the pages of the fictional Harry Potter book series and has quickly become a main stream full-contact sport.

Players are taking the idea and flying with it or shall I say running with it.

Simon Arends said he’s seen the game evolve.

"They’re PVC pipes they’re not real brooms, we used to play with real brooms," Arends said.

Jenna Bollweg has been playing Quidditch for two years.

"The game was inspired by Harry Potter however, we don't fly unfortunately," said Bollweg. "I started at Texas State, I was a playing Lacrosse and I saw people playing Quidditch out in the quad and it looked like a lot of fun.”

Bollweg said she’s a fan of the Harry Potter series. "I love Harry Potter," said Bollweg.

Quidditch is a mixed gender full-contact sport played by athletes from around the world. "The best way to describe the sport is it’s a mix of rugby and Lacrosse as well as dodge ball. It is a full contract co-ed sport," said Bollweg.

"I first joined this sport thinking it was a joke but it reminds me to not take it seriously every moment of my life,” said Arends.

Bollweg said their thinking big when it comes to the sport as in Olympics big. "We have to go. There are two qualification processes every four years in order to be an official Olympic sport."

Fans said they were enchanted by the game of Quidditch.

Amanda Churchin said it was her first time catching the game. "It’s great to hear that the power of words can move somebody to take it off of paper and put it into motion. The game is in real life now and it's touched a lot of people. It’s really cool,” said Churchin.