Man charged with the murder of Austin grandfather

Phillip Liberty was found shot to death in his garage back in November. The suspect has been in jail since December 2, and charged with endangering a child.

However, that charge is linked to the case. 75-year old Liberty was looking after his two-year-old grandson around the time of the crime.

Austin police say they now have enough evidence to charge 46-year-old Irwin Pentland, with first-degree murder. Police said obtaining and combing through a large amount of evidence led them to the decision.

Police say they came to the conclusion through bank records, mail and phone interception through the jail, and through various search warrants.

Police were summoned to 75-year-old Phillip Liberty's home in Las Ventanas neighborhood on the morning of November 19. They found him shot dead in his garage. Police said the evidence on the scene was incriminating.

“The blood that was there, and then the drag marks taking him to the garage. Based on the way the car was parked and some of the items in the garage, we do believe his intent was load the body in the car and take it away from the scene,” Lt. Justin Newsom, Austin Police Department, said.

Investigators say Pentland and Liberty were associates and were talking business around the time of the murder.

“Large amounts of money were taken from Mr. Liberty's accounts. We believe the motive looking like was financial gain,” Newsom said.

Court records show Pentland claims to have went to liberty's home the day before the murder to talk business. That's when Liberty suggested he may need Pentland to pick up his grandson from daycare.

Pentland picked the child up and left him alone in South Austin where his mom lives. He says around 8 a.m. on the day of the murder, he dropped the child back off at daycare.

Police believe shortly after, that's when police say the murder occurred. They are confident they can charge Pentland with the murder of the grandfather and retired IBM executive.

“This was a thought out, organized scheme of Mr. Pentland,” Newsom said.

Pentland is being held on $1,000,000 bond. Pentland had cashed or attempted to cash numerous checks written to himself totaling just over $22,300.

Police are asking if you know anyone who has been in contact with Pentland or conducted any business with him, to call them right away.

The Austin Police Department have charged 46-year old Irwin Pentland, 46, with murder for his role in the November death of Phillip Liberty, 75.

According to police, Liberty was found dead in his garage on the 7000 block of Las Ventanas Dr. during a welfare check just after 10:30 A.M. on November 19, 2015 . An autopsy led authorities to rule the death a homicide.

Authorities said Pentland remains at the Travis County Jail and has a $1 million bond.