Bee attack forces man to collapse on live TV in LA

SkyFOX captured the dramatic moments where a man collapsed to the ground after he was attacked by bees in Los Angeles' Encino neighborhood.

Emergency crews initially responded to a call of a bee swarm in a hillside area on Adlon Road, off Hayvenhurst Avenue, in Encino a little before 4 p.m. Monday. A volunteer with the Los Angeles Police Department, identified by his family as Gary, arrived at the scene to help and the bees began attacking him.

The attack was so bad that as Gary, the LAPD volunteer tried to slap away the bees, he tripped and fell to the ground and a partner he was with kept the car door closed since the volunteer was still around a bunch of bees.

The man eventually was able to walk out of the scene as other uniformed people went to treat him.

LAPD says the man remains hospital and his being treated for bee stings and a fractured eye socket. The uniformed LAPD volunteer was taken to the hospital in stable condition, marking the second person injured in the bee attacks.

Officials did not say where the swarm of bees came from or how the bee problem came about in the Encino neighborhood.

Professional bee removers were called in to assist. 

So, what should you do if you’re ever in that situation? 

Bee experts say you shouldn’t swat at them because the bees will take that as a sign of aggression and the best thing to do is run. You will likely have to run at least a quarter of a mile to get away.

A GoFundMe page has been launched for Gary, the LAPD volunteer as he recovers from what was undoubtedly a miserable Monday.