Man dead, woman injured after aggravated kidnapping in N Austin

The Austin Police Department is currently responding to an aggravated kidnapping in North Austin.

There are reports that one of the individuals has sustained an injury. No children are involved.



According to APD, this incident involves two people who know each other.



According to police, the kidnapping occurred in the 5800 block of Burnet Road shortly after 1:30 pm on Wednesday, July 2, 2017 at an H-E-B Grocery Store.   



According to APD, a second location in the 4400 block of Aqua Verde Drive could also be related to this kidnapping. Medics with ATCEMS had transported a woman in her twenties from there to the South Austin Medical Clinic with seriously potentially life-threatening injuries.

A male in his twenties was also pronounced dead on scene of a gunshot wound at the same location. 

The Travis County Sheriff's Office is investigating what happened at the Aqua Verde location. 

According to TCSO, 911 dispatch received a phone call shortly before 3 pm from a woman who claimed to have been shot. She reported to dispatch that a man had shot her and than shot himself.

She was unsure of her whereabouts. 

When officers arrived on scene, a Hispanic male was found dead in a vehicle. 

It is unclear at this time if the shooting took place at the same location the vehicle was found. 

Deputies with TCSO confirmed there was a witness who is a minor.

TCSO is conducting the investigation into the death of the male.

The Austin Police Department is investigating the kidnapping of the woman.

This is a developing story and will be updated with more information as it becomes available.