Man found partially naked on four-year-old girl's bed

A four-year-old girl is scared and shocked, after she found a strange man laying in her bed.

According to Phoenix Police, that man was partially naked, and refused to get out of the bed when officers arrived to arrest him. That man, identified as 40-year-old Scott Schoenfeld, is behind bars at the Lower Buckeye Jail, and is facing charges of indecent exposure and criminal trespassing.

Schoenfeld, who is reportedly homeless, allegedly found his way into a house in Downtown Phoenix, while a little girl and her father were home. Afterwards, Schoenfeld reportedly got too comfortable in the girl's bedroom, and it was the four-year-old who found him there.

The girl reportedly told her father, who then called police. According to court records, Schoenfeld ignored officers' commend to show his hands, when officers arrived. Officers then discovered Schoenfeld was naked below the waist, after they pulled back the sheet.

Meanwhile, people living in the area are disgusted at the incident that happened on their block.

"That's really scary, somebody crawling into your four-year-old's bedroom, laying there half-naked," said Yvonne Mijares, who lives in the area.

Schoenfeld allegedly refused to comply with officers' commands to put his pants on. so they forced him to walk out of the house, partially exposed.

According to the police report, Schoenfeld told officers that "The holy spirit led him to the house, and someone donated the house to him and the ladies."

Neighbors said they regularly see homeless people walking down their street.

"People talking to themselves and stuff like that, yelling at themselves," said Mijares. "We make sure everything is locked before we go to bed. We lock our gate and everything."