APD: Man hit, injured several people with SUV in Windsor Park

Austin police say a man hit and injured several people with his SUV in Windsor Park Sunday morning "acting in an intentionally deadly manner." 

The driver, 34-year-old Reuben Torres, hit a Capital Plaza Target employee. Police say he then circled back and "almost" ran over her head as she "laid there unconscious." 

Torres also rammed into the back of a pickup truck parked at King of The Road Car Wash. When the driver exited the vehicle, Torres drove into them. 

Austin police and residents in the area of Nassau and Corona Drive confirm several people, and at least one dog, were struck in the neighborhood. 


On Thursday, Austin police did not respond to a question from FOX 7 Austin requesting the total number of people struck and the attack locations. 

APD says Torres was arrested following a pursuit. Surveillance video captured by King of the Road Car Wash shows at least four patrol vehicles chased him. 

"Normally there won’t be any more than two police officers involved in a pursuit unless it’s something like this, in which it’s highly dangerous and a car needs to be stopped immediately," said retired Austin Police Association President Wayne Vincent. 

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Officers used a PIT maneuver to disable Torres’ vehicle. 

"It’s an on purpose collision with the target vehicle designed to knock the vehicle into a spin to lose control. So, it is considered deadly force. In this case deadly force was justified because there were several citizens in imminent danger of being killed," said Vincent. 

Torres is charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, a second-degree felony.