Man makes bomb threat to Austin mosque, restaurant

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APD says a man could face charges for making bomb threats against a mosque and restaurant. Early Tuesday morning a medical call came in from the North Austin Muslim Community Center. Police say a man staying there overnight was being transported for psychiatric treatment and claimed to have placed bombs at the center and near the Arab Cowboy in West Campus.

"It was decided EOD was going in for a safety sweep," said Corporal David Boyd describing the department's response. APD sent members of the bomb squad to both locations.

People in the immediate area were evacuated as a precaution from businesses and an apartment building near the UT campus.

"I came back and people said they were evacuated and there's a bomb robot," said Jonathan Vail, a UT senior who lives near 24th and San Gabriel.

"They came back and said hey you guys gotta get out," said Gary Johnson who owns Bert's Barbeque. Johnson walked out of the kitchen where he was in early working on a catering job.

Robots searched the food trailer in the parking lot of the Arab Cowboy and the Muslim Community Center for anything suspicious. Click here to watch video of the bomb detecting robot in action.

After a couple of hours the all clear was given.

"It was a little nerve wrecking but hopefully not as serious as it could be," said Madison Riffle who lives in the area.

Outside the mosque news of the threats was unsettling and sad for some members.

"Thank God it's safe for us. Who knows what would have happened," said mosque member Sherifah Adeniragun.

"Muslims, we are not discouraged in our worship of God if anything it draws us closer to God," said Clay Smith who also belongs to the mosque and lives in the neighborhood.

"We don't want to play any games with any threats with bombs. There are too many lives at stake so we took it seriously," said Boyd.

Despite the threats police found nothing. After a few hours they gave the all clear.

Johnson says the temporary inconvenience is worth the peace of mind.

"When you need it you need it and I'm glad these guys showed up and they are really thorough," said Johnson.

APD says the man has not been charged yet. His name is not being released.