Man stopped at customs with 100 live snakes down his pants

A man apprehended by Chinese customs agents was found with 100 live snakes in his pants, government officials said. 

According to information released by the Chengdu Huanggang Chamber of Commerce on July 9, Shenzhen Huanggang Customs "recently" seized 104 live snakes at the port, which is at the border between mainland China and Hong Kong.

Credit: China Customs via Storyful

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"Customs officers found six rope canvas bags sealed with adhesive tape in the pockets of the trousers worn by the passenger. After opening them, they found that each bag contained a number of colorful and differently shaped living snakes," the statement said, according to a machine translation.

Among the snakes said to have been identified were non-native species including milk snakes, western pig-nosed snakes, corn brocade snakes, Texas rat snakes, and cow snakes.

Video released by China Customs includes security camera footage showing the suspect, and video of customs officials with the snakes.

This story was reported from Detroit. Storyful contributed.