Medics reunited with baby they saved

Yazmeen Tuskan, her husband Shawn, and their new born baby Leo arrived at this southeast Austin fire station Tuesday for a special family reunion.

The crew was sent to the Tuskan's south Austin home in May. Leo was born two and a half months premature. Yazmeen was alone at the time and delivered her son moments before the First Responders arrived.

It’s the first time they've seen each other since that day. Leo, was barely breathing when the medics arrived at the house.

"The thing that really touched me was someone did CPR on him and I remember two little fingers pressing on his chest and I remember how difficult that must have been, someone said hey you want me to take over and the other person was no, no, I got this, I got this,” said Yazmee Tuskan. 

Capt. Matt Pearson was the one performing CPR.

"This is the smallest one I’ve delivered where the baby survived,” said Pearson who went on to say, “It’s remarkable, I didn't think that baby was going to survive, “said Capt. Pearson.

Leo spent four months in the NIC-U at Dell Children's before he was able to go home

"There's just not enough words to describe, but thank you, thank you so, so, so much. I really appreciate everything, you have no idea,” said Yazmeen.

This was also an emotional reunion for the first responders. Typically, they move on to the next rescue call, not knowing the outcome of what they've done.

"I mean it feels really good to see the baby smiling at us, looking at us, just kind of ok, at that point we didn't know if that was a thing that was going to happen,” said ATCEMS Medic Ryan James.

In appreciation, the family brought the crew lunch.

"yeah we brought lunch, but that doesn't even cut it, what you guys have done is so much more, you helped bring our family together, and keep us together. That means more to me that you'll ever know, thank you so much,” said Yazmeen.​​​​​​

Yazmeen and Shawn say they will remember this team every time they look into their baby's face.

"It’s quite a story, maybe not quite the entry into the world that we wanted, but since it happened, it happened the best way we could ever ask for,” said Yazmeen.