Members strong in numbers at first statewide Tea Party rally and legislative day

The Tea Party has certainly shaken up politics in this country, and as the 2016 presidential race starts picking up, the movement is gaining more traction in Austin.

Wednesday was the first statewide Tea Party Rally and legislative day. Folks from all over Texas came out to band together and support their movement, which they say, is sometimes misunderstood.

Born in Laredo Texas and raised in San Antonio, George Rodriguez says he wants to put a Hispanic face to a misconceived movement.

"Very misunderstood in several ways because first of all, it's not a movement of nothing but old white men," said George Rodriguez, Tea Party Member.

Rodriguez showed up to the Capitol with a mission to not only show his support, but encourage elected officials to do more.

"We continue to have a lot of these elected officials who are duly elected, but don't hear us," said Rodriguez.

Tea Party Day falls on Tax Day, a day many Americans are not prepared for. Maggie Wright came all the way from Dallas, to express her frustrations with the IRS.

"We are taxed enough and I had to buy a new version of Turbo Tax, said Wright.

A variety of speakers rallied up the crowd, including some state representatives, senators, and Brandon Darby of online news organization, "Breitbart."

"I think we're very supportive of the Tea Party Movement. I think that's a lot of our base," said Breitbart.

Many at the rally feel their movement is once again gaining traction with the upcoming 2016 election that has many from the GOP already in the race.

"Now those on the left are going to say about this gathering and those around the country, "look at those crazy tea party people, they're so narrow minded," said Rep. Fallon, R-Texas.

Member like Rodriguez and Wright just say they want to spread their message, and fight to give the tea party movement a better reputation.

"I think the government should do two basic things and that's, defend the country and make sure that commerce runs ok," said Rodriguez.

"Most of the Tea Parties are very conservative with the social issues, we want to get back to the constitution," said Wright.

This event was open to all Texans who identified to the tea party in any way.