Mesa Cleaners opens back up after mysterious closure

Mesa Cleaners opened back up on Wednesday after keeping customers in the dark for about a week.  

On the front door of the Mesa Drive location, a "past due" notice from Goodwin Management

Demanding Mesa Cleaners pay a delinquent amount of more than $18,000.

Expecting to see the business once again closed Wednesday morning, when FOX 7 rolled up, owner Naushad Sultan approached us. "We've got a misunderstanding in landlord and a misunderstanding in us. They've got big problems," he said. 

Sultan and his crew were focused on returning customers' clothes and providing discounts for the next month. "$3.49 any garment, 99 cents shirt," Sultan said. I asked Sultan about the 18-grand.

"I take care of it today. Landlord agree. Landlord negotiated it in the rent," Sultan said.

I called Goodwin Management Wednesday afternoon.  

Property manager Scott Wilson told me Mesa Cleaners offered to only partially pay the rent they're behind on along with the late fees. He says he allowed the business to open up so customers could get their clothes back. After talking to Wilson we went back to Mesa Cleaners and asked Sultan to respond to that. He said they paid in full Wednesday afternoon.  

In response to that, Wilson said Mesa still owes some money but agreed to pay it in installments. 

He told FOX 7 if Mesa misses an installment they will be locked out again. "I was out of town and it's kind of scary, you walk up and the place is closed and so we're good. This guy's taking care of us," said customer Randall Davidson. Davidson said his dry cleaning was free.