Middle school student brings loaded gun to school

Parents and staff are on high alert after officials at Grisham Middle School found a loaded gun in a student's backpack. In an e-mail sent out by the school's principal another student tipped off staff that a seventh-grader had a handgun in their possession.

According to the email a loaded 9 millimeter handgun was found in a student’s backpack. 
The Williamson County Sheriff's Deputies were called to campus and a student was arrested.

Zoey Talamantez was at school when she heard about the incident. 

"You know people were like someone brought something to school and I heard two students were in the office. And I was like that's a little scary because something could of happened," said Zoey.

Her father Michael Talamantez said he hadn’t yet heard about what happened at school. "Does it make my day 'No' I mean it's a bit concerning," said Talamantez.

Zoey said she was shocked to hear that something like this happened at her middle school. “It's like shocking because it's just like a middle school you never expect a kid to bring a weapon to school," she said.

Peggy Abbott, who's lived across the street from Grisham Middle School for 30 years, said she's heard of situations like these before. "It's more dangerous, it's real.  Because it's right across the street instead of hearing about it on T.V." said Abbott.

No injuries were reported.