Migrant Haitian family speaks to FOX 26 about journey to US

FOX 26 went inside a temporary intake shelter in north Houston as buses full of Haitian migrants continue to arrive in Houston, 60 people inside each bus. 

We spoke with one family, a man and his wife, who is pregnant, tell us, it has been a long journey for them.

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Malaire Nelson tells FOX 26, their journey started in 2017 and spans 10 countries. We spoke with them through a translator at the facility Thursday. 

"They feel very excited, it’s been a combination of determination and pride," said Nelson. "His feedback is, as long as you have a dream, you can achieve it. "

The facility anticipates more buses Friday and into the weekend. Onboard, the immigrants all hoping to gain a better life in the U.S. 

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Most of the migrants making it to the facility, we’re told, have family somewhere in America, and from here, volunteers will help them to connect.

"We have some in New Jersey, Orlando, but most of them go to Florida," said Delphine Montandon, who’s been a volunteer at the facility.


Montandon, who’s originally from France, has been volunteering for the past few days. She tells FOX 26, it’s personal for her saying, she connects with these migrants. She says, her mother is from a French island and is able to speak with the migrants using Creole.

"They have good spirits, to be honest with you. I’ve seen a lot of people smiling and happy because this is really their last stop before they go meet with family that they have in America," said Montandon.