Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz's bodyguard has recovered from coronavirus

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz is self-quarantining and working from home for 14 days after a member of his security detail tested positive for the coronavirus, but that State Trooper has now recovered, the Governor announced Thursday. 

In his daily news conference call with the Minnesota Department of Health, Walz lead off by announcing the State Trooper had recovered.

“Though I’m feeling healthy and not showing any symptoms, I’m going to work from home and model the protocol we are asking all Minnesotans to follow," Walz said in a news release after the Trooper's initial diagnosis. 

Walz was informed of his bodyguard's positive test March 23 and has not left home since. The first-term governor has lead the state's coronavirus response from his residence in St. Paul.

The situation is the latest coronavirus case to hit the state Capitol. Last month, a Minnesota House of Representatives employee was presumed to have the coronavirus, shutting down the State Office Building. Days earlier, lawmakers had left the state Capitol on a hiatus because of the coronavirus.