MITTEN SEASON: Tempe resident makes hilariously relatable video on Arizona heat

Some of us go to great lengths to avoid the Arizona heat and the consequences that come from the blazing sun.

There are photos all over the internet of residents using oven mittens and gloves to use in the car to prevent burns from the hot steering wheel or belt buckle.

It's not uncommon to see people use whatever they can to fan themselves, or to hide in the shade for as long as possible. In fact, most people spend a lot of their time indoors through the summer in order to not melt.

One Tempe resident, Alix Loar, made light of the ridiculous situation that Arizonans have to endure just to get into the car.

She made a viral video on what 'mitten season' really means to those who live in the valley of the sun, as well as advice on how to survive a summer in "Satan's palace called Arizona."

It's hilarious, relatable and quite frankly, makes the heat a little less miserable. 

Loar's video on Facebook has reached 105,000 views.