Mom and baby healthy after delivery inside car

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A mother and baby are in good health, after the woman gave birth in the front seat of her car, while dad drove to Winnie Palmer Hospital in Orlando.

"I was telling him I was in pain and the baby was coming and he didn't think it was and I told him it definitely was."

A mother's instinct is always right.  During a drive to the hospital from Winter Garden, their little bundle of joy decided to arrive early.  SeaWorld Orlando trainer Megan Gilmore was in the front seat, while her husband Brad was at the wheel, driving in morning traffic on State Road 408.

"Not sure if I should sit up, lay down. I ended up on my right side holding on to the seat belt, and I just yelled this baby's coming and out she came at a stop light.I had yoga pants on and a big t-shirt, so all in one swift motion I had to pull my pants down and catch her at the same time and hold her on my stomach."

Dad was still in shock, thinking he had plenty of time, but little Ainsley had other plans.

"I literally just looked over and the baby was there," said Brad Gilmore.  "The baby was on her chest. I'm honking my horn trying to clear traffic, but there's no where for anyone to go."

That's when he saw a police officer.

"Once the baby came out, I flagged him down, and said hey my wife has just given birth in the car right now. I need an escort.  He said, 'Ok!'"

Megan added, "We laugh about that now, wondering if people were looking in my car, because I don't have tinted windows."

Doctors at Winnie Palmer rushed downstairs once they arrived.

Brad said, "They did give me the opportunity to cut the umbilical cord in the car."

Megan is relieved they're ok.

"She's been so quiet ever since she was born. She's very laid back and a good little baby and we're very lucky she's ok."

Meanwhile, Brad got his car detailed, so they can all go home for the weekend.