Mom shares heartwarming video of 23-month-old son walking days after intensive skull surgery

A 23-month-old boy from Vermont is back on his feet after going through cranial vault surgery on Oct. 16 for a rare condition known as craniosynostosis, a birth defect that causes bones in a baby’s skull to join together too early. 

A video posted online by the boy’s mother, Heather Figeuroa, shows her son Branson walking down the hallway of Vermont Medical Center in Burlington as a nurse holds his arms to help him balance. 

“Branson was born with numerous sutures of his skull closed which is why he needed a Cranial Vault Remodel this last Wednesday,” said Figeuroa. She added that she hoped the video would bring more awareness to her son’s condition. 


23-month-old Branson is recovering and home with a smile on his face following intensive skull surgery. ( Figueroa via Storyful)

“Craniosynostosis is not studied enough due to it being rare and many doctors (pediatricians) miss it as babies are so young,” added Figeuroa. 

Figeuroa told Storyful that the video was taken two days after his operation and she has since posted photos of Branson online in various stages of recovery following the operation.

She added that only four days after his surgery, Branson was back home with a smile on his face.