Mopac, More Problems: Lane closures all weekend

Earlier this year, we talked to Courtney Duesing who lives along Mopac. She told us the bright lights from construction and noises kept her up. Fast forward to now.

“I'm not waking up at 2 in the morning thinking the sun is coming up. They've diminished some of the lighting back here so the lighting isn't as big of a problem anymore. It's just the sound of the equipment,” said Duesing.

The seemingly never-ending Mopac Improvement Project has caused headaches for some homeowners like her. With upcoming lane closures this weekend more drivers will be looking to avoid Mopac.

“People will get off on Windsor, cut under Mopac and come down this street. It's a safety issue for our children,” said Duesing.

The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority says southbound Mopac between 2222 and Enfield will be reduced to one lane, as they pave the road with asphalt.

“We're doing approximately a week to a week and a half of work in one weekend. It's all part of an effort. We know people are frustrated, we're as frustrated as they are,” said Steve Pustelnyk, spokesperson for CTRMA.

But there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

“Our goal we are pushing for is to get the north side open by the end of September, and the southbound side open by sometime in late October,”  said Pustelnyk.

“When we bought this house nearly 13 years ago they were talking about this project, and this project is really behind schedule,” said Duesing.

Duesing  knows the project is for the greater good, but as for completion in the next couple months,  she's not convinced until she sees it.

“They set an expectation and we will see what happens,” said Duesing.

Now all lanes are expected to be open in the next couple months. However, after that of more soundwalls and more landscaping will be the next step.