More than 100 students arrested following fake id bust at UT

What started out as an initiative to curb underage drinking ended with a massive fake id ring bust on UT campus.

It started a couple of months ago.

Austin police say 120 minors using fake ids were arrested in two nights during the bust. Officers worked undercover with TABC.

From that, police say through their work they were led to two UT Sophomores who were making and selling the ids for as much as two hundred dollars. During their investigation from two locations they recovered the equipment the students were using and the two created enough ids to amass thousands in profits. Police say despite this bust they will continue working with TABC to curb underage drinking and the use of fake ids.

The two sophomores are facing felony charges of tampering with evidence. APD says they are expected to turn themselves in this week. The minors who purchased the ids are facing class c misdemeanor charges themselves.