Mother says sons were framed in threats to Vandegrift H.S.

We have an update on the threats made against Vandegrift High School back in April that were found to be not credible. A mother has reached out to FOX 7 saying her sons, who have special needs, were framed for the crime.

The mother says her sons have both been in alternative school since the incident. It's a place she says they don't belong. According to school documents, the district believes otherwise.

A photo on social media caused major concern for Leander ISD students, parents and staff back in April. It shows a boy with what appears to be a potential weapon, along with a threatening statement.

"My child was targeted and it's very unfair, that he is a special needs child. This never should have happened," says mother. 

The child's mother, who wishes to remain anonymous, is now speaking out. She says her son, who is in the special needs program at school, is involved in hunting with their church and likes to make model guns. We're told the picture was altered.

"My son never intended to threaten anyone. He did send a picture of himself with no words and some other student put the words, the threatening words in there, and they were not my son's words," says mother.

She gave us a copy of the student discipline report from the district, which cites the infraction as "terroristic threats." It states "When the student provided his statement as to why, he stated that they were trying to threaten two members of the group chat." His mom says that's not the truth.

"My son says, 'It's like Shawshank Redemption mom. You know, I'm in this place, I don't deserve to be here. Nobody thinks I should be here,'" says mother.

He was sent to alternative school for the rest of the school year. His brother, who is also in the special needs program, was sent to alternative school as well for reportedly having some involvement. She says it's taken a toll on their family.

"It's just really sad because they're not equipped, because they're special needs kids, they're not really equipped to deal with the stress of this campus that they're at. They're on tranquilizers, they're taking sedatives in order to get through their day," says mother.

When FOX 7 first aired the story, sophomore William Bendorf told us what he was hearing at school.

"Someone took the picture, screenshot it, they wrote down their own text. I wouldn't say framed, maybe it was a joke, but I've heard it wasn't him. Really, someone I guess kind of framed him in a way," says William Bendorf, student, Vandegrift High School. 

We reached out to the district, they sent this statement:
"The safety of our students is our highest priority. While we cannot comment on any student's specific discipline issue, all threats are taken seriously and the appropriate disciplinary action has been taken."   

The mother says her sons will be able to go back next school year but she's concerned this could happen again.

"My boys can't wait to go back to school. They can't wait to go back to Vandegrift, they really love their school, they love the students. But, I'm afraid that if I give them their phone back, and they haven't had their phone since this happened, that some kid is going to post something again. What's going to stop the school from doing whatever they want?" says mother.

Before going back next school year, she wants to sit down with district officials.