Mother searching for answers after infant son's grave desecrated twice

There's not a day that passes that Racheal Penaloza doesn't think of her baby boy Joseph.

Back in 2012 she and her husband found out he would've been one of two new additions to their growing family.

"We found out one twin had a bad heart and he didn't have all the chambers," said Penaloza.

At just one month old, little Joseph passed away. His parents buried him in Evergreen Cemetery on the eastside. His mom pays him a visit every week. But one month after he was buried she noticed something disturbing.

"We came out and his custom name plaque was gone, his flowers were gone," said Penaloza.

So she immediately contacted the city.

"The gentleman from the city went through the bags and he found all his stuff and we were able to place his stuff back there. They apologized that someone had mistakenly taken his stuff off," said Penaloza.

Fast forward to 2019, just days ago, Racheal says it happened again.

"First off his fence was gone, his turf was actually ripped up, the pole that was hanging his banner was gone, everything was completely gone, naked except for his headstone," said Penaloza.

Penaloza says she called 311, and then filed a police report with the Austin Police Department. She is nothing short of confused, and does not know who to blame.  Random criminals could be responsible, but she is troubled by the theory of city employees possibly removing items from Joseph's grave.

"I feel there should be a certain level of respect for something you're paying for and taking care of it should be left alone. If there is any reason they need to do something or take it down, there should be communication," said Penaloza.

Today, Joseph's brother, Johnathan is six-years-old. To his parents, he is a reflection of his twin brother. For the sake of the family, and Joseph's memory, Racheal is hoping police can get to the bottom of this bizarre, and troubling ordeal.

"What we believe in is letting him know he is never forgotten and we keep that going for the other twin. For me it's just a connection I have," said Penaloza.