Murder-for-hire suspect behind bars after allegedly conspiring to kill woman to settle drug debt

In early October, police were surveilling a game room in North Austin waiting for Nolan David Wagner.

Police got word Wagner was selling drugs in violation of his parole and were poised to make an arrest. Police spotted Wagner and transported him to a nearby parking lot what they didn't expect is what happened next: a confession for a different crime.

According to an arrest affidavit, Wagner told police a woman who ran off with his drugs and money was in danger and said people were looking for her. The woman apparently owed Wagner $6,700 of heroin, methamphetamine and a large quantity of Xanax.

Police state that Wagner said, "the cartel was threatening to harm him if he did not have the money."

Police took a look at Wagner’s phone revealing a message thread between Wagner and a man named Derrick Bearden where Wagner was allegedly hiring to kill the woman.

Messages between the two read:

Glancing at the messages, Wagner told police, "I know it looks bad but I really was trying to lure the guy in."

Three days later, investigators texted Bearden to meet up and arrested him. During Bearden’s interview, he told police he "never knew where the girl was and was planning to get drugs and money from Wagner and then rip him off."

When asked if he thought Wagner would kill the girl, Bearden said, "hell yeah."

Bearden was not charged in the case.

Wagner is charged with soliciting to commit capital murder and has a $200,000 bond.