N. Austin residents on edge after an alleged shoot-out in their neighborhood

Some North Austin residents said they witnessed a shoot-out right in their neighborhood. No one was hurt, but the suspects are on the loose.

APD said they responded to the call of a large disturbance and shots fired just before four, Friday afternoon on Mearns Meadow near Quail Creek Park.

When they arrived on scene they said none of the suspects were in the area.

Gerald Freeman is a resident in the area and said he witnessed the incident. “It was pretty wild, you heard the arguments down here, then you saw people running and I'd say probably 6 to 10 people chasing another group of people, and every one of them was just, unloading everything they had.” He said in the group, no one appeared to be over the age of 15.

APD said no one was shot, but a woman was hit by a car. Freeman said a utility truck driver was trying to pull in the complex where he lives, but the shots started getting fired and he tried to back out and accidentally hit the woman.

Freeman said the whole situation was shocking, especially because the time it happened. ”What scares me is we have kids here. It could have gone through any building, it could have hit any of these kids, it's 4 o’clock in the afternoon, schools are letting out, school buses were going by when the police were doing their thing, that's terrible, It's scary,” he said.

APD did have a helicopter out searching for any suspects, which they said is standard in this type of situation. They also said they were not able to get any suspect descriptions.