Names of victims of New Braunfels church bus crash released

Officials have released the names of the victims from a New Braunfels church that were killed in a bus crash west of San Antonio on March 29. This comes as a Texas Department of Public Safety spokesman says the crash may have happened after a truck driver crossed the center line on a curved road.

The identities of the 13 killed, all members of First Baptist Church in New Braunfels who were returning from a three day retreat, are:

  • Barrett, Murray William, 67, of New Braunfels  
  • Allen, Howard Bryan, 81, of New Braunfels  
  • Allen, Rhonda Barlow, 61, of New Braunfels  
  • Barber, Harold Boyd, 87, of New Braunfels  
  • Barber, Margaret Robinson, 82, of New Braunfels  
  • Moore, Cristie Clare, 68, of Cibolo, TX  
  • Hawkins, Donna Elizabeth, 69, of Schertz, TX  
  • Banks, Avis Scholl, 83, of Austin  
  • Rosamond, Mildred Goodlett, 87, of New Braunfels  
  • Schmeltekopf, Addie Maurine, 84, of New Braunfels (died at University Hospital in San Antonio)  
  • Tysdal, Sue Wynn, 76, of New Braunfels  
  • Walker, Martha Holcomb, 84, of New Braunfels  
  • Vulliet, Dorothy Fern, 84, of New Braunfels

Another victim, 64-year-old Rose Mary Harris, was taken to a San Antonio hospital and is in critical condition.

The driver of the truck, 20-year-old Jack Dillon Young, was injured and taken to a hospital where he's in stable condition.

The Associated Press reports that DPS Sgt. Orlando Moreno told reporters that "for reasons unknown the truck veered into the southbound lane" before the crash. Moreno says the crash happened along a curve in the road where the speed limit is 65 MPH.

However another DPS spokesman didn't confirm if that was the case and said that the cause of the crash remains under investigation.