NASA announces flowing water on Mars

NASA announced Monday there is evidence of flowing water on mars. The discovery could help launch a new mission to Mars and equipment from a Georgetown company may get to go along.

The discovery of evidence of flowing water on mars was announced Monday morning at NASA headquarters in Washington.

"This is tremendously exciting. We've haven't been able to answer the question, does life exists beyond earth, but following the water is a critical element of that,” said NASA Director of Planetary Science Jim Green.

The Martian water, described as extremely salty, was detected by an orbiting satellite. The flow seems to happen only during warmer months, when the temperature is above minus 10 degrees Fahrenheit.  The water marks, researchers say, disappear when super cold conditions return.

The announcement by NASA could mean some extra work for this company in Georgetown. The crew here has been working with the space agency for more than a decade."

TURNCO Tool and Instrument built several parts for the Mars Rovers.  Their rock grinders  started digging deep into the martin soil back in 2004. Last year, according to Operations Director Brandon Griffin, equipment they built, helped locate organic material and ancient water molecules locked in rocks.

"Didn't really know what the opportunity was until after when the information came out, it’s been 10 years and we are still riding high known that we contributed to that,” said Griffin.

Mike Farley is among those who built the rock abrasion tool for the rover project.

"And for a mechanical device to continue functioning in a dust environment like that, is pretty impressive,” said Farley.

Because of that durability- NASA has ordered more parts from the company for future space missions.  Central Texas made parts - that may unlock more secrets of the Red planet.