Navasota crowds welcome Bush locomotive 4141

Along the Bush train route was rural towns ready to celebrate and honor President Bush's locomotive 4141.

Hundreds of people gathered in the rain along the railroad tracks to pay their respects to the 41st President. Some people drove as far as Livingston.

Andy Mcmayon and and his wife drove about an hour and a half eager to witness the historic event.

"We came celebrate a man and his history of how he ran the country peacefully and calmly,” Mcmayon said.

The main road into town was closed and school let children out early. A banner hung outside the town square saying, "President George H.W Bush, Thank you for a lifetime of service.”

The small town of Navasota was ready.

Lauren Julian, a local teacher said residents felt honored the Bush family chose Navasota to be a part of the route.

“It’s amazing small town USA getting together to honor a wonderful man who was president of our country,” Julian said.

Boy Scouts in Navasota Troop 361 and karate students from Kickstar Kids stood along the tracks peeking over trying to get a glimpse of the once in a lifetime event.

Kickstar Kids is a program founded by Chuck Norris through the support of President George HW Bush. Benjamin Mendez wanted the kids to witness history.

“It’s a historical event I think it’s very important to honor the legacy of President Bush and show that we our his legacy,” said Mendez.

After time and the rain had passed, people listened for the loud horn of the train. they waved their flags and the Bush family inside could be seen waving back.

Everyone was in awe as the window displaying the President's casket passed by.