Nearly 20 years later Country Music legend Garth Brooks is back in Central Texas

Many Austinites traveled to San Antonio because after more than 18 years Garth Brooks is back in Central Texas. “I can't tell you how excited we are, just to be back playing music in the great State of Texas, it's going to be fun,” he said. He said he’s been anxiously waiting to get back to Texas. “This is one of those ones that you didn't see it, didn't see it, it was like oh my god, sure we are playing San Antone, then it finally came up and happy, crew happy, this is like coming home here,” he said.

San Antonio was just one of the many stops on his comeback tour that started a few years ago.  He took a break to help raise his three little girls.

Brooks played four shows in three days, with tens of thousands of fans filling the AT&T Center. Brooks has been known for his energetic performances, bouncing around the stage, and swinging around stadiums.
So 20 years later - how will it compare? “From the word go it's just going to be stupid crazy and it's going to get more stupid, more crazy and it's so much fun,” he said.

His wife, Trisha Yearwood will be his opening act.  She said she’s pretty low key, but her husband is rubbing off on her.  “With him everything's larger than life and it's so cool. So I have had to sort of raise my game a little bit and when I get to come out and sing with him we start with a duet so I really get a chance to get into the groove of what we are doing,” she said. “Truth is one she comes out you can't compete with her, she's one of the voices to ever grace any kind of music and you see that in the show, you see people's faces go...oh,” Brooks said of Yearwood.

As far as Austin being a stop on the world tour, Brooks said it’s still not known. ”I have not seen the schedule, they won't show me the schedules cause they know I'll blab it.” But Brooks said he’s hopeful “Austin is home to some of the greatest music ever and the innovation of music so that's what makes you love it right off,” he said.