Neighbor helps save Martindale city councilwoman from vicious dog attacks

Marcos Villalobos was driving down NW River Road in Martindale Wednesday afternoon when his car came to a screeching halt. He saw a woman lying down in the grass, screaming with two dogs surrounding her.

Villalobos got out of his car and fended off the dogs until help arrived.  
"She had bite marks on her arms, bite marks on her legs, bite marks on the side," Villalobos said. "I think if I could've gotten there a couple of minutes earlier, I could've prevented all the damage that was done to her."
Villalobos later learned the neighbor he helped was Martindale City Councilwoman Mary Paul. Paul was rushed to the hospital and taken into surgery.
"Because I'm old, I'm 75 years old and to see someone about my age being hurt that way, it's just hard,” said Villalobos. "The dogs were kept behind a fence or something but they were very aggressive, they were not on a leash or nothing but they were ready to attack."
Martindale police say the dogs were taken to animal control and euthanized. The police chief said they've never had issues with the dogs before and the canines didn't show any indication of rabies or any other kinds of illnesses.
Villalobos checked in with councilwoman Paul over the phone and said her spirits were high and she should be released from the hospital Friday.
"She's a tough lady, I'll tell you that right now, I am thankful to God. I hear she's okay now, she's my best friend now,” Villalobos said. 
The Martindale Police Chief commended Villalobos’ actions, saying it's neighbors helping neighbors and we need more people like him.