Neighbors in Bastrop preps for severe weather

It may seem like an ordinary Wednesday at Neighbor's Kitchen and Yard, but staff and management here say they try and prep as much as possible for severe weather.

Situated right along the Colorado River in Bastrop, Neighbor's has had close run-ins with flooding.

"The river got up so high a couple months ago," general manager Cayce Moore said. "We had so many people coming from all over and they'd come to see just how high the river was."

Moore says when the Llano River flooded a few months ago, water flowed into the Colorado River. Levels reached 27 feet whereas during the summer it normally reaches two-and-a-half feet. On Wednesday it reached four-and-a-half feet.

Tom Dickey, the owner, shared pictures of what could happen when there's a heavy rain event in Bastrop. In October last year, the trees and walkway were mostly underwater.

Dickey says substantial rains in Austin and upstream all flow downstream past Neighbor's. Extended rains saturate the ground and eventually the runoff adds to the flow.

"It does affect business because we are right by the river, we're a destination location and majority of our seating is outside,” Moore says.

Moore and Dickey say the safety of employees and guests is top priority for them, so they find ways to prepare.

"The non-slip grip tape on the patios and steps, making sure there's no puddles building anywhere and if they are making sure we can solve that problem," Moore adds.

Neighbor's essentially is looking out for neighbors, rain or shine.