Neighbors in NW Austin respond to suspicious death investigation

The Austin Police Department is investigating what they said is a suspicious death. APD said they found a man’s body at a home Friday morning in a gated community in the Northwest hills area.

Residents in the area FOX 7 spoke with said they are shocked to see this in their quiet neighborhood. David Shele takes his pet bird on walk every evening.

“We just walk around the neighborhood and go from Bull Creek, sometimes go all the way down to Far West and go back home that way.”  Shele said he's not used to seeing so much law enforcement activity in the area. “It's extremely rare. In fact, I can't remember of anything in the 20 years we've been here that pops up.”

APD said they received a call from a neighbor which led them to do a welfare check at a home in the 7100 block of Las Ventanas, Friday morning. When officers arrived they said they discovered a man who was deceased. Detectives said after investigating they do have reasons to believe the man's death is suspicious.

“It could be a lot of things. It’s not an obvious natural death, let’s put it that way,” said Austin Police Department Corporal Angel Polansky. She also said neighbors in the area should be aware. “Anytime you have a case where you don't know who the suspect is you should always be on alert and consider you know it always being a dangerous situation.”

For David Schele, he said he's sticking to normal, until APD says otherwise.

"I’d probably not change my routine, unless there's some clear and present danger that the police discover. We haven't really seen anything around this neighborhood that would cause me not to keep on walking, with my little bird.”

APD is asking for anyone who has any information to contact them. They also said for neighbors to report any suspicious activity.