Neighbors oppose proposed South Austin homeless shelter

Some South Austin residents are gearing up for a fight against the Austin City Council concerning a 2nd Homeless Shelter location.

The building off of West Ben White Boulevard is meant to be a second chance a home for people transitioning off the street to permanent housing. However, concerned neighbors who live in the area say homeless shelter is a safety risk for nearby families.

Cleo Petricek started a petition urging council to choose another location in a different district. More than 4,000 people have signed so far.

"Any person can see that this is not fair to do this to a neighborhood community," Peticek said. "The city has to show us in full faith that it will not change in a time for crisis if there is a need for more homeless that building we will not absorb it."

District Council member Ann Kitchen said the property will be a housing focused center assisting about 100 people through a transitional process.

"It's not a drop in center and it's not a place that people can hang out who are not living there," Kitchen said. "That means nobody hanging around outside, that means no drop-in services. That means security on the premises."

Neighbors have met up in recent weeks and shared horror stories of interactions with people under 290.

Celeste Wiley drives near Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders.

"I've seen men exposing themselves, I've seen men urinating numerous times, I've seen men fornicating under the bend at Pack Saddle and I've seen them cat calling at the students from Ann Richards School," Wiley said.

Neighbors opposed to the south location are demanding meetings with Kitchen and Council to allow more public input.

The group is weighing options and is looking at potentially filing suit against the city.