Neo-Nazi flyers left at Central Texas homes on MLK Day

The Anti-Defamation League confirmed swastika laden flyers linked to a Neo-Nazi Telegram channel were left in front of homes in Pflugerville, San Marcos and Leander on and around Martin Luther King Day.

"The dreams that MLK had. They're not just dreams. They're a reality that we want to focus on," said Pflugerville City Council Member Rudy Metayer. "Apparently it threatens a lot of people."

The Anti-Defamation League tracks antisemitic incidents. Regional Director Jackie Nirenberg said from 2020-21, they saw a 450 percent increase in incidents in Central Texas. Nationally, they doubled. 

"It is not illegal activity. It is just insidious activity," she explained. 

Still, Nirenberg said there is a link between extremist propaganda and violent hate crimes. To keep track of the patterns and operations of extremist groups, the ADL asks those who received a flyer to report it on

"It is not just a Jewish problem. Antisemitism tends to rear its head over and over again and has done so throughout history, and it's often indicative of some kind of instability in society; whether it be political instability or economic instability," she said. "It's used as a tool to fan the flame of hate. Populist hate."

Nirenberg added most extremist groups targeting Central Texas are not from the area but "typically travel to places where they know they're going to have the most impact." 

Pflugerville is one of the most diverse cities in Central Texas. Addressing constituents directly, Metayer said, "I understand the fear. I understand the anger. And it's not something that we take lightly. It's something that all of us in the community, everyone included, will fight for and make sure that you feel safe and secure in your homes."