New Braunfels police receives keys to new 'office on wheels'

It’s out with the old and in with the new for the New Braunfels Police Department.

"This is really the first of its kind that we've had," said Capt. Michael Penshorn with NBPD. "We've had a number of old bloodmobiles that have been donated to our department, and this is one where our city council was gracious enough to fund a vehicle."

The department received the keys on Monday, March 18, to its new Negotiations and Tactical Command Vehicle, custom-made to handle everything from large events like Wurstfest to hostage situations or SWAT standoffs.

Rolltechs Specialty Vehicles worked closely with the police department to come up with the finished product, which took about a year to design and build. 

"We custom designed it specifically to what they were looking for," said Tony Beigel, general manager of Rolltechs Specialty Vehicles. "Seeing the entire team working together and going over the truck and walking through it with them as we're training various aspects, it’s just been so exciting." 

Along with separate portions of the vehicle that can be utilized during hostage negotiations or SWAT situations, the vehicle also features a conference room, drone flying stations and perimeter cameras.

"It gives us a vehicle where we can operate much more efficiently and effectively from one location, and it'll really be a game changer for our department," said Penshorn.