New Video Shows Teen Stealing Car That Led to Chase

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New video released first to FOX 5 News shows just how a brand new Camaro was stolen in Peachtree City on Sept. 11 and later led police on a high speed chase through Fayette County.

The video taken from a gas station surveillance camera showed the Camaro’s owner parking and going inside the store apparently leaving the engine running. Seconds later a man police later identified as 17-year-old Qyderricko Holmes is seen leaving a black Dodge Charger which was at the gas pumps, walking over to the Camaro, getting inside and driving off. The owner then is seen exiting the store and not finding his car.

Police said his 911 call resulted in an officer finding the stolen car on State Road 74 and giving chase.

A second video, taken from a Fayette County Sheriff’s patrol car, shows a deputy deploying stop sticks, which the Camaro ran over, went out of control, and crashed into a guard rail.

Peachtree City Police said on the morning of Sept. 11 they received numerous calls of cars being broken into. Police believe that Holmes and the driver of the black Charger are behind those crimes.

Police also said numerous other police departments are investigating them for a variety of crimes.