No cause for Saturday House Explosion

Investigators spent Monday trying to determined how gas got into a home that exploded on Saturday.

Work crews dug holes in roadway and around yards to inspect gas lines and to also vent any gas that may be in the ground.

The explosion happened Saturday afternoon from a house at the corner of Bendridge Trail and Stonleigh Place. 

Austin fire investigators say gas had built up inside the home but it’s not known how that happened.

Several homes next to the explosion were also damaged.

A man and woman were inside at the time.   Grace Luna who lives across the street from the blast zone described how neighbors came to the rescue moments after the blast.

"It was just a loud bang and the lady came out, unclothed completely, screaming and yelling and everybody in the neighborhood stopped traffic and turned people away, and rushed to get her towels and cover her up it was a real big like the community coming together to help her out, even went as far to go, to go inside the house and see if anybody else was there,” said Luna.

A statement was issued by Texas Gas Service. 

Company officials say the status of the investigation remains classified as - on going. The explosion was described as an isolated event.