'No homework' may be catching on in Manatee County

It's just about every kid's dream come true: No homework.

In Marion County, it's a reality, intended to give students more family time at home and teachers more time to teach instead of grading assignments.

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It's an idea that maybe catching on in Manatee County.

"In my view, this is not a way to ease up on kids or say homework or academics are not important, but it's also important for kids to be kids," said Manatee County School Board Chairman Charlie Kennedy.

Kennedy said Marion County's new homework policy could work here, too. Instead of homework assignments, parents are asked to read to elementary school students for 20 to 30 minutes a day.

There will still be occasional book reports or science projects, but less pressure put on take-home studies.

"Starting in 3rd grade, we already have high stakes testing, so just at that early age. There are multiple studies out there that say kids just need time to grow and play and develop without the pressure of a couple of hours of homework for a 10-year-old," said Kennedy.

A lot of parents agree.

"The kids spend a lot of time in the classroom doing class work. Once they get home they should have a little bit of a break," said Michele Dunnett.

Jenny Ramsey said a little homework is a good thing, but likes the idea to lighten the load.

"Three hours a night like some parents have been complaining about is a bit too much but I think 30 minutes to an hour tops of homework would not hurt the family especially the kids when it comes to learning," said Ramsey.

A decision on a "no homework" policy wouldn't happen right away. 

It would require meetings with the Superintendent, the school board, and parents.

If a decision is made to cut homework, it wouldn't be before the start of the new school year, which is now less than a month away.