North Austin Muslim mosque ramps up security following vandalism

People who came to pray Sunday morning at the North Austin Muslim Community Center found their place of worship vandalized.

Glass doors and windows shattered, causing more than $3,000 worth of damage.

Vice President of the organization Adnan Suleiman said the intruder triggered a burglary alarm that notified police. 

"You come in actually to worship and have a peace of mind going into a peaceful place and all of a sudden that moment that you had a piece of mind was shattered," Suleiman said. "Apparently the person who came in here to do such an event or such an act maybe doesn't like us or maybe is ignorant and has a misunderstanding about who we are."

This is the first time the NAMCC has been may of last year, the Islamic Center of Lake Travis was just months away from being built when it was burned down to the ground.

A safe place to pray for Muslims is a must and that's why Suleiman says they plan to increase security.

They plan to install more lights; better quality security cameras hire night personnel.

And more importantly continue to keep the faith.