North Texas lawyer fired after videoing himself outside the Capitol on Wednesday

A North Texas attorney says he lost his job because of a "Twitter mob," after videos he shared on social media show him protesting outside the Capitol building Wednesday.

Paul Davis was one of thousands who protested unsubstantiated claims of election fraud outside the U.S. Capitol.

There's no evidence Davis went into the Capitol, but his employer confirmed to FOX 4 that his participation in the protest crossed the line.

In a video he posted on Instagram, he said he was trying to get inside.

"The fact that they will not let us inspect any of the ballots or the machines should tell you something," he said in the video. "We’re all trying to get into the Capitol to stop this and this is what’s happening, they’re tear-gassing us."

A screen-recording of Davis’ video was posted to Twitter by journalist Roger Sollenberger, who writes for Salon out of Austin. Sollenberger identified Davis as associate general counsel and director of human resources at Goosehead Insurance.

More than 1.7 million views later, the company said Davis is out of a job.

Goosehead Insurance, located in Westlake, on the border of Tarrant and Denton counties, pinned a tweet Thursday afternoon that said, "Paul Davis, associate general counsel, is no longer employed by Goosehead."

FOX 4 called Goosehead for more details, and got the following voicemail: "Thank you for contacting Goosehead. The employee involved in the protest at the Capitol is no longer employed with us. If you have further questions, please leave a voicemail and we will return it as soon as possible. Thank you."

The company later confirmed to FOX 4 that Davis is no longer employed because of his participation in the events at the Capitol.

It’s important to point out that from what Davis posted to social media, there's no evidence he committed a crime.

In his social media video, Davis did say they were all trying to get into the Capitol. But Thursday, in a series of new posts, he said, in part, "I was peacefully demonstrating...I was not trying to break in. Was just talking to the police officers and praying over them...the Twitter video is out of context...I’m not calling for violence here. I think MLK-style civil disobedience is the way to go to demand a full audit of the vote."

Again, it was unsubstantiated claims of election fraud that led to the protests and riots at the Capitol.

FOX 4 tried contacting Davis via numerous social media channels and phone numbers, but we have not heard back.