North Texas mom gives birth to third set of twins

A North Texas mom has given birth to her third set of twins with no fertility treatments involved.

Joshua and Carrie Briggs are proud parents eight times over -- and that includes three sets of twins.

"It’s completely the Lord saying I have a plan for your family to have twins and several sets,” mom Carrie said. “It’s overwhelming having twins, twins, twins.”

The newborns, Micah and Ezra, arrived Tuesday at Texas Health Fort Worth. Oldest brother Josiah, 8, was thrilled to meet his newest siblings.

"I was really excited because 8 children, that's a lot!"

Carrie said there's no history of twins in her family. Most unique about these births is the zero fertility drugs involved. All three sets are fraternal.

The Briggs said it’s no coincidence all of the kids names are biblical.

"We actually chose their names very specifically -- both for meaning of what their biblical names mean but also for the character behind it," dad Joshua said.

Carrie says a firm schedule and teamwork is the key to handling all the kids. When asked if things always go smoothly, she laughed and said, "No… but its life.”