Notre Dame fans help Austin homeless

Dozens of Notre Dame football fans began their Saturday praying. Not for a win against the Texas Longhorns on Sunday but for the many Austinites that are in need.

"We decided to get together and make some bags of toiletries and food and give it out to are homeless brothers and sisters here in Austin to help raise their spirits here on this Saturday," Alyssa Ruiz, a recent Notre Dame graduate, said.

Despite one of the biggest college football games of the season is looming, Fighting Irish fans like Erica Ojeda did not want her family to lose focus on what really matters.

"I used this as an opportunity to show the kids that it's important to give back and I felt that it was very honorable of the Notre Dame team and the alumni to spend their morning doing something for the population here in Austin," she said.

Although that did not stop some friendly banter between rivals, Fans that came together for football will leave with more than just bragging rights.

"It's a lot of fun because it really gives us a chance to bond over something that isn't football. It's football and helping the homeless," Maribel Ojeda, Erica's daughter, said.

Veronica Maska and her father Chris were eager to do their part for the school they hope will one day be a Maska alma mater.

"Just to have this part of the experience, not just watching the football game but to be around with the people and to help out, that's what we will remember probably this actually more than the game," Veronica said.

The Texas Longhorns will host the Notre Dame Fighting Irish on Sunday at. Kickoff is scheduled for 6:30.