Officials release new information about three found dead in Bastrop

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Officials have released the preliminary autopsy reports for the three people found dead at a home at 626 Oak Hill Cemetery Road in Bastrop.

The three that were found deceased at the residence have been identified as:

  • Leroy Roger Friedel Jr, 41-years-old
  • Jennifer Rutherford Friedel, 32-years-old
  • Leroy (LJ) Rutherford Friedel, 3-years-old

Both Jennifer and LJ's cause of death has been ruled a homicide while Leroy Roger's death is pending further investigation.

Officials say the working theory is that Leroy Roger shot his wife Jennifer multiple times while outside the home following what is believed to be a domestic disturbance.

One of the shots entered the home and struck his son Leroy (LJ) in the head. Officials say Leroy Roger then turned the gun on himself.

The case remains under investigation.