Old Bridge debris in the way of Kingsland Bridge repairs

The Kingsland bridge is a couple of months away from completion after being washed away last fall in a flood.

While construction is moving much quicker than an average bridge repairs, it isn't without its road blocks.

TxDOT listed this project as a priority which means they offer financial incentives for crews to work around the clock. This means a project which could take over a year to do can take around 6 months.

With the target deadline of April coming up, neighborhoods impacted by the bridge are hoping this stays true.

“We're trudging forward, we are going to be ok, everything is going to be ok,” said Jack garner who lives near bridge

When flood waters washed away the RM 2900 bridge it also cut the main way to get into town for Garner's neighborhood.

“We miss going into Kingsland to shop. I know the businesses there are missing all the people on this side of the lake because we all shop there. We've talked to some of the restaurants and they're starting to hurt quite a bit we don't want to see any of them close,” said Garner.

While recently TxDOT reopened a low water crossing a couple miles north, it still takes some time to get to town for garner. This is especially the case when it comes to taking care of loved ones just on the other side.

“Still going over there 3 or 4 times a week. It takes us 45 minutes instead of two minutes but you know it's working out,” said Garner.

TxDOT began repairs to the bridge back in Nov. and labeled it a priority. With crews working around the clock TxDOT reported one of the road blocks they are running into is pieces of the old bridge are still underwater and in the way. A spokesperson for TxDOT said they were worried this might cause a delay but are working around the problem by drilling through the debris.

“We are praying to God that those guys are working hard, doing a good job, hope the weather sits with them ok for the next couple of months so there won't be any delays,” said Garner.

Aside from the bridge issue, Garner said they have also been without internet for 3 months which was only recently restored.

“I grew up without internet the first 50 years of my life but I tell you it was tough not having it,” said Garner. For now, Garner said they remain optimistic their neighborhood will soon rejoin the rest of the town come April.

Recently the LCRA has lowered the lake levels in the area, this is to help people make repairs to docks. Garner says many people are also using this time to look for any items which were lost during the flood.