ONLY ON FOX: Hundreds of convicted killers in Texas paroled in 11-month period

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“I don’t wish this on anybody because you almost go crazy,” said Joe Nafegar.

In 1992 Nafegar became something nobody wants to be. The parent of a murdered child.

“He was 18 on March 11th,” Nafegar said. “They murdered him May 31st.”

Russell Nafegar was Joe’s youngest child. He was stabbed to death by Adam Valle. Valle killed the teen because he wanted his 300 dollar necklace.

“I never thought this would happen,” said Nafegar.

Just last week Nafegar and crime victims advocate Andy Kahan asked the parole board to keep Valle behind bars.

“He was a habitual criminal before he was convicted of murdering Russell,” Kahan said.

In fact, Valle was on parole when he committed the killing.

“If he had served maybe half of that 8 year sentence Joe’s son Russell is alive and well today,” Kahan said. “That’s just the facts.”

Six months ago, Jon Buice who was convicted in the infamous gay bashing murder of Paul Broussard was paroled after serving about half of his sentence. That prompted Kahan to see how many other convicted killers have been paroled after serving less than half of their sentences.

According to the prison system’s own figures 421 convicted killers were paroled between January and November of 2015.

“I was stunned I was not expecting that high a number,” Kahan said.

On average those 421 paroled killers served only 41 percent of their sentences.

“First degree murder,” said Kahan. “We’re not talking any other category the worst of the worst with the exception of capital murder were paroled somewhere in this state.”

Since Valle has served about half of his sentence for first degree murder Nafegar worries the parole board will free his son’s killer.

“He would do it again and there’s no need for that,” Nafegar said. “We’ve got enough hurt already in the country we need to keep him where he’s at.”