WATCH: Otters spotted in San Gabriel River in Georgetown, Texas

It's not every day you spot an otter while out fishing in Texas, but that's exactly what happened to one man in Georgetown.

Duran Crouch captured a video of some otters in the San Gabriel River out at San Gabriel Park.

Crouch says he was out on the water in the morning and caught the otters on camera telling FOX 7 Austin, "I was super excited to see such a cool and unusual sight."

In 2019, FOX 7 Austin spoke to Texas Parks and Wildlife officials who said that river otters seemed to be making a comeback in the Lone Star State.

Kelly Simon, an urban wildlife biologist for Texas Parks and Wildlife, said that while river otters have not been common in "recent memory" things are changing.

"[River otters have] been primarily found in the eastern parts of Texas, as well as the United States," Simon said. "So, what we’re seeing is not only an increase perhaps in populations but also maybe a bit of a westward expansion of their population." 

Simon attributed the apparent population increase to the reduction in the fur trade and better river management.

Texas Parks and Wildlife does encourage the preservation of river otter habitats. Vegetation around and in waterways is imperative to their survival.