OU SAE Scandal making its way to UT?

A social media post, made almost a month ago, suggests that the racist song chanted by those OU SAE members is also a favorite for some SAE members at UT Austin. The person who made the post didn't say if it's being used by current members or not.

But it surfaced well before the OU video. Students on the UT campus are concerned but feel helpless. "I am offended but I can't do anything to stop it. I can't change the way they think," says Sophomore Lauren Matthews. Blake Madden is a member of a fraternity, BYX. They aren't affiliated with the Greeks. "There's definitely a negative stigma toward the Greek system at UT and it's seen as racial bigots," A Christian fraternity, Madden says BYX doesn't discriminate. And he says they try to promote acceptance and forgiveness. But he adds, it's hard to ignore the fact that this scandal could make it's way to his back door, "here are hidden things that we don't know that go on in every fraternity but if that was posted online, in my opinion there's some truth in every rumor."

UT Students are frustrated that this kind of behavior continues to flood their college campus. The Reddit poster, made it around the time that another UT Greek organization came under fire for a party that allegedly mocked undocumented immigrants. It's these kinds of isolated instances, they say, that are staining the reputation of fraternities here in general.

"It bothers me from my own personal perspective but i do see how that fraternity has their own traditions and i don't think anyone has any right to tell them to do things otherwise," says a Greek organization member who didn't want to be named. He adds, "We have Asian fraternities. We have black fraternities. They can discriminate based on them then - I'm not saying it's right - but to pick on the Greek fraternities for hanging on something that they've been doing for hundreds of years is not correct."

He says his own fraternity is made up of multiple races and nationalities. And though they are diverse, because of this, all Greeks will suffer regardless one group's intentions. "No matter what we say, people will still perceive us to be racist so in order for us to stop what were doing people have to stop perceiving us in this light. It's a double edged sword, the story has two sides."

FOX 7 sent the Reddit post to The University of Texas. A spokesperson thanked us, and told us now that UT's Dean of Students is aware of the post, he'll "gather information and contact the fraternity."

FOX 7 also reached out to SAE's National Organization as well as its UT's Chapter President (who is listed as Luke Cone). We also reached out to UT's Inter-fraternity Council. None of them responded to our request for comment.