Owner of Fast Eddie's Auto Repair being forced out of East Austin

Walking around Austin you may see some neighborhoods quickly changing. The changes have led to some people being forced out and that is exactly what's happening to the owner of Fast Eddie's Repair in East Austin. 

 "I'm kind of a living motor, it's who I am."

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 Edward Banks, or Eddie as the locals call him, has had the trust of thousands of Austinites in his hands when it came to auto repairs. 

"It's a passion, some people like to eat, some people like to sleep, some people like to golf, I like to work on cars," Banks said.  

Now, after nearly three years on the corner of Airport and Manor, Fast Eddie has to pack up and go. It's a story you've likely heard before in East Austin. Clear the way to make something new. 

"So what's happening is I gotta move, I'm going to move, I'm obligated to leave within 30 days," Banks said. 

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Banks sought to buy the property, hoping to use the $160,000 he has paid in rent as a type of equity. 

"I've asked for 2.5 years is the property for sale, can I buy it, as a matter of fact, it was in my lease, they took it out," he said. "Option to buy… they took it out." 

It's a situation Banks has faced before, and at this point, he feels exhausted. "I didn't really want to tell anybody, because I'm really exhausted, but at the same time, somebody needs to hear, enough is enough."

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Banks said he has had it, over and over, he says it is a similar story, "I live 1.5 miles from here, so I know what taxes and insurance are, it's the favorite thing my landlord says is taxes and insurance, taxes and insurance." 

Banks is hoping to sell for $1.9 million, but for now, he is left to continue packing his things. 

"When they say keep Austin local, they can throw them stickers away, because are we really doing that?"