Paddles with a Purpose brings together Breast Cancer survivors

A group of breast cancer survivors have banded together to form a fitness team and a moral support system. 

Paddles with a purpose hosted an open house on Saturday to introduce people to their choice of exercise: Dragon Boating. The open house also helped raise awareness about the group in hopes to reach other breast cancer survivors. 

"It's particularly good for breast cancer survivors -- it's kind of the perfect exercise for us. And it's also the team gives a lot of moral support with everyone else while we're getting fit and staying healthy," said Paddles with a Purpose member Cindy Crowell. 

While the group was formed just a few months ago, they already have 35 members. 


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The women paddle on a dragon boat which is similar to a forty-foot canoe. The exercise helps them live a healthy lifestyle while supporting each other. 

"It's one thing to have cancer and want to be healthy and get fit -- but to be able to do so in a team, where you have the camaraderie and you're strong together has been awesome for me," Paddles with a Purpose member Jan Frazier Clark said. 

The group also helps people who are newly diagnosed with breast cancer with finding care and other resources. 

The group is currently raising money to buy their own Dragon Boat.