Parents of soldier who died searching for Bergdahl react to hearing

Bowe Bergdahl has admitted to desertion, which carries a punishment of up to five years. He also admitted to "Misbehavior before the enemy," which could bring a sentence of life.

In testimony Wednesday, a naval officer who was wounded while searching for Bergdahl said he was worried someone could get killed. The officer also testified he went on the search out of a sense of duty and because Bergdahl is "an American" and “had a mom."

The mother and father of one of those who did die live in Cameron, Texas. The parents of Lt. Darryn Andrews spoke to FOX 7 about their hopes for today and tomorrow.

For those in the town of Cameron, Wednesday, there wasn't anything out of the ordinary going on. A typical day, unless you were Andy and Sondra Andrews. The couple started the day with one thing in mind.

"Justice, to see Justice,” said Sondra Andrews.

Their son, Lt. Darryn Andrews, was among those killed in 2009 searching for Bowe Bergdahl.

The Dog Tags around Sondra's neck belong to her son who died in an ambush while trying to protect several soldiers in his unit. "The way he died, he died with honor and distinction,” said Andy Andrews.

The couple knew that some of the soldiers who took part in the search were expected to testify in Bergdahl's sentencing hearing. "I am angry more than bitter, I’m just angry that he was so focused on himself, that he didn't consider any of his brothers,” said Sondra.

The Andrews decided not to attend the Fort Bragg hearing but shared with me what they would have said.

"I would say that I’m glad that he finally owned up to what he had done. That he did desert and he did endanger the other men,” said Sondra.

They'd also remind Bergdahl that he not only took their son's life but affected the lives of his wife and two small children. "He'll never take his son hunting, he will never walk his daughter down the aisle, She'll never have him for daddy dates to go on, and you spiral on, when they have children, they don’t have a grandfather, it is not something in our family that is over,” said Sondra.

Darryn's name is among those listed on this war memorial that’s located in front of the county courthouse, it’s there to honor his legacy and those who also served and sacrificed, but his family is worried that politics continues to get in the way of the healing process. "The thing about it is, every time something comes up on this deal it opens the wound up fresh again,” said Andy Andrews.

The Andrews are upset about reports suggesting Bergdahl could get a light sentence because of comments President Trump made before the election. "He is a traitor a no good traitor who should have been executed,” said candidate Trump during a campaign stop.

The comment was described by the military judge presiding over the case as "disturbing and disappointing" but the Andrews say it shouldn't be a factor. "Because you go back and look at what Obama said about him, he praised him and made him a hero,” said Sondra.

The Andrews told me they don't believe Bergdahl's explanation for why he deserted his post and say he doesn't deserve leniency. That despite claims of being mistreated by his captors for 5 years, justice, according to Sondra, would be a life sentence. “I'd like to say firing squad, but that’s not going to happen, I’m sure, but definitely I think life at Leavenworth is appropriate for this,” said Andy.

The sentencing, the Andrews hope, will allow them to focus more energy on their grandchildren and not so much on the pain. "There is no closure, that doesn't exist, but you learn how to exist,” said Sondra.

The Hearing is expected to continue through the week. The wife of Lt Darryn Andrews, Julie, and their children live in New Braunfels. She was not available for comment, but when FOX 7 spoke to her in 2014 she said her husband did not die for Burgdahl, but that he died for his country.