Pflugerville stabbing victims, suspect identified

We now know the identity of the man who stabbed three people in a Pflugerville-area home, killing one. We first told you about the crime on Friday.
The home at 3421 Endless Shore Drive stood empty Monday. On Friday things were much different as deputies followed blood trails that stretched for blocks.
Deputies say early that morning 28-year-old Christopher Harris stabbed his roommate Diamond Roberson in the neck.  He then went after Reshard Rogers who was a guest at the home.

"He said I'm going to kill you and started stabbing Reshard who ran out of the house," said Deputy Roger Wade.

Roger Wade says while Rogers ran through the neighborhood knocking on doors trying to get help, Harris attacked the homeowner--and the father of the first victim--Byron Roberson.

"Byron was stabbed several times and ran out of the house. Chris chased him down," said Wade.

Wade says Roberson made it four houses down and knocked on the door. When the homeowner looked out, he saw Roberson laying in the yard with what he described as another man tugging on him.
"We believe that was Chris and he wasn't just tugging. He was stabbing at the same time," said Wade.

Roberson died. The medical examiner's office counted 24 stab wounds to the head, neck, arm, chest and stomach. The other two victims were taken to a hospital.

Deputies say they found blood in the entryway, kitchen, stair well and all over the walls and floor upstairs.

Some of that blood belonged to Harris. Wade says he cut himself while stabbing his victims. After hiding out for several hours in a backyard, Harris walked over to the deputies who were investigating seeking medical treatment.

Harris was treated at the hospital and then taken straight to jail where he is being held on a $1 million dollar bond.

Deputies don't know what lead him to carry out the crime. They did find drug paraphernalia and knives where Harris slept inside the home.